Try to See Vegetables and Blood-Enhancing Fruits Here

Besides meat, there are several types of vegetables and fruits that can add blood. The red blood cells are in charge of carrying oxygen throughout the body. To support this process running smoothly, the body needs food intake that contains important substances to produce red blood cells, including blood-boosting vegetables and fruits. Lack of red blood cells will cause anemia or lack of blood. Signs can be lethargic, weakness, dizziness, faster heart palpitations, and pale skin. Important Substances as Forming Blood Cells So that the process of delivering oxygen throughout the body goes well, the number of red blood cells must not decrease. Therefore, necessary substances that are important in the production of blood cells, namely: Iron Iron is part of the hemoglobin in red blood cells. This hemoglobin functions to bind and carry oxygen throughout the body. If the intake of iron in the body is less, the number of red blood cells will go down and cause anemia. Within a d
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